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Pentest and IT Audit
Pentest is a complex and volume service that demonstrates true current situation for key data-processing resources of the company. Our experience shows that the most common vulnerabilities are those related to poor process of update installation (Patch Management), along with penetration within a network via orphaned services, located next door with critical business applications, a don’t care attitude to staff awareness in cybersecurity allows to carry out an attack using the social engineering methods.

Software new vulnerabilities are detected most daily. Thus, data protection must be an ongoing process for the company, and not a one-time event. It’s good practice to conduct penetration tests at least annually, and during the interim period to build vulnerabilities management process.
External Pentest
Attack simulation of external intruder using black box or grey box methods.
Internal Pentest
Attack simulation of internal intruder (with or w/o domain accounts). This type of pentest can be carried out together with external pentest if it’s possible to enter the company perimeter during the pentest.
Social Engineering Pentest
Using various methods of social engineering aimed at staff.
Wireless Network Pentest
Check the Wi-Fi networks range (network connection outside the company perimeter). Session capturing using handshake and authorization key recovery.
Malware analysis
Allows to identify management centers, identifiers and other important data that helps to identify an intruder. Other infected nodes in corporate network are also detected and blocked.
Vulnerability Detection
Identify vulnerabilities in company infrastructure,
both external and internal.
Cybersecurity Risk Detection
Determine existed types of risk, and effects
of potential attacks.
Protection Measures Assessment
Assessment to understand the efficiency of current
protection mechanisms in the company.
Compliance Assurance
Testing infrastructure safety and bringing it into
compliance with regulator compliance.
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